From North to South, Brazil is a country full of unforgettable landscapes, with a nature like nowhere else. For this reason, many states are visited every year. This way, Brazil’s ecotourism calls attention with activities for leisure, sports and even the observation of enchanting preserved areas. With the focus on providing the best experience in... Read more
A mix of a fight and a dance, Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian cultural manifestation that attracts and enchants the eyes of the spectators. With characteristics that blends tradition and sports, this manifesto is a part of an artistic style considered a Brazilian immaterial heritage, mentioned by UNESCO. To the sound of berimbau, capoeira players do... Read more
Last week, PBI celebrated on social media the World Tourism Day (September 27th). But, do you know the importance of this subject for the working and even the development of a country? Know that tourism is exactly the responsible for moving a great part of the national economy. With extraordinary experiences, travelling give us the... Read more