Preparing a travel itinerary, or choosing a new root goes much further than the step we make to determinate a new destination. Before selecting the country, for example, it is necessary to rate which is the best airline company, the dates of your trip and especially the hosting, because this one will help you define... Read more
Traditional cheerful songs, street crowds, a lot of heat and joy are a few things things you’ll remember about the Brazilian Carnival. Be a part of the greatest national party with PBI. Besides the party on the streets, with huge sound trucks (also known as “Trio Elétrico”), songs and much more, another strong feature of... Read more
Soccer is in Brazilians blood. The way we cheer, dream and even invest to catch up on TV and on the fields is absolutely mind-blowing. Do you want to live that? PBI will take you to experience the 2019 Copa América. The competition, known for more than a hundred years as the main of the... Read more